Latest projects - sharps and their covers

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Jan 19, 2004
During 2018 i made a few things.
to start with I took a circular wood saw blade and, without heat treating, made an American cowboy style hash knife inspired by the Youtube channel 'Cowboy Kent Rollins'.
then I decided I wanted a Serbian Chef knife style cooking knife to go in the kitchen box as well. This time i would attempt the heat treating myself. As that is quite a big knife i thought I'd better start off with something smaller so i designed my own skinner style knife inspired by the Cold Steel Bird and Trout with the hole at the end of the handle to allow the knife to dangle from the little finger when using just hands and then quickly bring it back to use when needed. I am not aware of any other design like this with 2 holes on a skinner style blade.

With a bit of research I bought a vacuum cleaner with the ability to blow air and rigged that to a hole in the flower bed where the coals were. the smaller knife took the HT well but i had trouble getting all the Serbian blade hot enough consistently and it ended up warping. i used 2mm thick 01 tool steel for both.
about then Stew posted offering his HT service and i sent him another 4mm thick version.
he did the HT for me. all the rest is my work.
being 4mm thick is was quite heavy, more of a cleaver than anything else. i set to work on the belt sander and stones taking lots of metal away.
Handles are all micarta with fibre liners.

Over Christmas i made the wooden block to house them at home in the kitchen from some basic ply wood i had lying around (the remaining gap is for a bought knife we already had)
I've just finished the leather work on them. i tried to keep the theme of the leather in keeping with the style of knife.

Basket weave stamping and braided edge for the Hash knife.
Neck knife style with braided lace and turks head knots for the skinning knife and
A tie dye effect for the Serbian.

I bought an airbrush to use for the sunburst effect and the dye is far more even than using he normal dab or dip method of applying dye.

Thanks for looking

2019-02-03_09-08-34 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

2019-02-02_07-54-48 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

2019-02-02_07-56-33 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

2019-02-02_07-56-16 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

2019-02-02_07-57-47 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

2019-02-02_07-55-35 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

2019-02-03_09-09-01 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

2019-02-02_07-55-08 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

2019-02-02_07-57-35 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

2019-02-02_07-58-15 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

2019-02-02_07-58-35 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr

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