Landrover or Landcruiser?

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May 6, 2007
As a owner of both. a Land rover 110 and a Fj45 landcruiser. there is no comparison
between the off road abilities of the two The Fj45 will win hands down higher ground clearance And a lot more power with the Chev 350 that I put in it. But the Diesel L-R is
the cheapest to drive. Wish I could find a good Diesel to go in the Toy. The front end
in the You is almost bulletproof as is the rear end an transmission transfer case.
even with the extra power of the worked on 350- 350+ hp IT stays together. I Have tried
a Chev 350 swap in a land rover and found that the running gear was not up to the
extra power.
But in the end I like them both


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 15, 2005
If your having to make the school run you will need a water snorkel and a winch and sainsburys carpark requires GPS and extra spotlights:rolleyes:

Don't get me wrong, I like landies but have been working at a place where every wally and his dog feel the need for them when I have got there in a battered tranny van with no problems whatsoever.

Its a country fashion thing.
Especially now that the green lanes are being closed off more and more.


May 8, 2005
Move to Wiltshire- they're all open as usual.. Wilts got off their butts years ago and made them all BOATS so we're not affected by NERC. The Ridgeway when open is drivable in Wilts, but when you cross the county line to Oxfordshire it's shut as it was a RUPP there. The twist is that it is far better surfaced in Oxfordshire...:rolleyes:

Oh, and some of us off road on a regular basis. I also run on veg oil which is pretty much the most environmentally friendly fuel in the UK and have done the most efficient thing for reducing my 'carbon footprint'- I don't have kids....:cool:


Would have to be a Landy for me! I've owned a few different ones and can't imagine life without one.


Dec 3, 2007
i can just about afford to keep my push-bike on the road. i would settle for any of the above. in fact, i would settle for a reliant robin. might be a bit tricky going off-road though.. LMAO


Jun 10, 2006
south wales
There is no reason not to buy a new Landy with electronics and fancy stuff because where you could easily fix an old landy, the new ones just don't need fixing.

My mate who works for Landrover would argue that point, his 4x4 of choice would be a Toyota, Landrover can't break them on the track like other 4x4's they 'destruction test'


Apr 27, 2005
The British army found the TD5's to be extremely reliable, main reason they dont use em is because they are not guaranteed to function after an EMP.

Anything can break down, fuel pump or whatever. An ECU can be replaced in a cintch - it's a simple job done in a few seconds. The whole ECU reliability thing is grossly overstated. I remember when ECU's first started to appear in fuel injected cars generally and everyone was paranoid about the electronics going wrong. Decades on, those fears were completely unfounded and now you struggle to find a car that hasn't got one. The only thing to really worry about is water ingress. Take some simple measures to protect against that and job done. The rest of the engine is just a deisel engine. To be honest, on an exped I'd be more worried about my timing belt breaking. ;)

As some people discovered in the floods recently water big problem!
All those fancy electronics = dead motor when wet. More importantly, they also = big repair bill.

Also the simplier your engine the easier it takes to veg oil.

I love Landys and would have one but not as an everyday drive.

Build quailty is an interesting thing, name one other mass production car, that you can go out and buy a sixty year old one, and do exactly what you could if you brought it new.

The Hilux is a very interesting motor though.

The best 4x4 is a well looked after landy, but they are not that much fun to drive on road all the time.


Aug 22, 2007
The one thing I've always thought is that, more than any other 4x4, the Landy looks like it belongs in any off-road scene you put it in, which is just as well since it's more likely to become part of the scenery than the toyota :lmao:

mick miller

Full Member
Jan 4, 2008
I owned and ran a series IIa for 10 years, it was my only form of transport, as much as I loved it and I really loved it, I must have payed for it ten times over in that time in repairs, spares.

Oh and I also witnessed the incredible melting wiring loom Lucas electrics as already mentioned. Put the key in and watched in awe as acrid blue smoke poured out the dash.

Personally, I'd go for the Toyota if you want hassle free motoring. If you like to tinker and are prepared to put up with a little unreliability go for the Landy. The old ones are awful to drive though, the windows never really work (they're more like mini moss boxes), the doors don't lock very well and they leak oil permanently. Bless 'em.
Aug 4, 2005
Sunny South Wales.
Oh and I also witnessed the incredible melting wiring loom Lucas electrics as already mentioned. Put the key in and watched in awe as acrid blue smoke poured out the dash.


I took my 110 to have a dodgy earth on the rear lights fixed last week. The local auto electrician loves Land Rover owners....they're paying his mortgage!:D

Incidentally, it's on eBay at the moment.

Am I selling it to buy a Landcruiser? No, its going to make room for a Ninety...I'll never learn...:eek:


Apr 27, 2005
One other thing to think about at the moment: -

You can get pre-73 LandRovers a lot easier than land cruisers, so even less money to pay Mr. Brown.



Aug 25, 2006
worth noting that the aussie army use landrovers but the population of the outback buy and use landcruisers because they dont fail. toyota have built a lot more of them so all the bugs have been ironed out. there is probably a warehouse still full of LR engines from the defenders used by the army which went wrong in the 80's, the only fix was to replace the engine as LR didn't know why they were failing so often.

as usual we started the trend but failed to capitalise on it, the best thing LR built was the taxi in judge dredd :)


Feb 22, 2007
Bitter experience with both jap 4x4s and Land Rovers leads me to the painful conclusion that LR get it by a hair's breadth.

Had a lovely Isuzu Trooper SWB P Reg. It'd come off a farm and was utterly foul inside and outside but mechanically fine until the floods last year. Returning from a job interview, I had to ford an awful lot of water and, in doing so, washed all the lub out of the transfer box. That was the start of £2000 worth of fault chasing. The final obstacle was the default psitioning of the half drive shafts on the front axle - hydraulically operated and all to buggery. I gave up and PX'd the thing for a Fiat Panda! Great foresight being in mind fuel costs.

At the University we run a fleet of knackered LWB LRs. They leak, they don't start, they're uncomfortable, the driving position is out of a 1950s Morris Oxford and they're generally bloody unreliable. But when they break down miles from the nearest hard surfaced road in the middle of darkest Wiltshire in the darkening of a December afternoon with a dozen students and I'm beginning to wonder if the AA have heavy lift capability helicopters, the bloody things can be fixed with a multi-tool, gaffer tape and a hearty belt from a piece of locally available flint!

The new LRs with the Ford 2.5 TDCi engine look a very sensible machine; I recently drove a Tourneo to Snowdonia at some considerable speed and still returned over 40 mpg.

So, yes, reluctantly Landies get my vote


Aug 25, 2006
the newer troopers are GM though so are the cheapest to fix in their class. like GM cars though they often get the silliest of faults.

a landcruiser would probably have got you through :)

G wagons were good - dont know if they still make them and I liked the military volkwagen jeep - a golf clad in wriggly tin in true kubelwagen style :)

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