Land Rover Woes

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Nathan Sturgess

Mar 11, 2006
Various due to work
Toyotas may be reliable but for offroading, they aren't on par with landies. In my experience (14 years in total and 12 that I remember well), the closest things to the offroad performance of a landy are nissan patrols. My first car is a V8 110 that has been restored by my dad.


Jun 6, 2006
Wyre Forest Worcestershire
It really annoys me that Land Rover continue to produce sub standard vehicles at a premium price.

Look at all the pick-ups thrashing about L Rover should have all that business but they are to lazy to compete.

Excluding the Disco 3, the build quality and reliability is appalling.

As for L Rover go anywhere boast only if you are prepared to spend a shed load of money on it in which case HiLux, Navara or even an old Scoda Niva (might have the last one wrong, cant remember the model)

I test drove a LRover crew cab before buying the Navara it was awful, god knows what it would be like now with 55k on the clock after nearly two years.

Annoyed at Land Rover, Pothunter.

Big Bad Stu

Jul 18, 2006
Well it's been a while.

The landy still sits at a friend's yard.

We costed up the repairs to bring the vehicle to sound. £ 4000.00+VAT. This makes things not viable at this time. The only way to get things done cheaper is to do them myself and I simply don't have time.

The works required include:

New galvd. chassis
Rebuild the gearbox
New hand brake
Refurbish both axles
New bulkhead
New brakes throughout
Sort out oil leak on the engine

In short it is too far gone.

So after a long deliberation I bought a 16 year old Daihatsu Fourtrak off ebay for £920. It is mechanically perfect, the body needs a bit of TLC. The chassis is good too. the Japanese seem to have got it right. It feels like a series LR which has been totally sorted out, it is warm, dry and comfortable; it is powerful, it's suspension is compliant and it all works!

Good chassis and mechanicals, bad bodywork!:rolleyes:

I want it for a work car and a bit of green laning so it is ideal. Just got to get the winch on it and we will be away:red:

I am smiling again!


Big Bad Stu

Jul 18, 2006

I know what you mean. To be honest I love landies but I have got a bit fed up about the LR mags being one third about how to fix your landy when it has broken down.

In my experience this reflects on the amount of time the landy is off the road, approx one third!


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