Lake District camping advice

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Aug 5, 2015
Hey everyone me and a friend are going to the Lake District early next week and fancy having a few nights wild camp somewhere.

Neither of us are familiar with the area but we are hoping to find a good camp spot close to the woods near a lake perhaps with good views for stargazing etc. we would really also like to have a small (controlled) camp fire can anyone recommend any locations that would be good for this?

Of course, I wouldn't expect for anyone to give out exact spots or anything but just a general direction of areas we can scope out. We will be in Windermere for the first few nights so preferably somewhere around here would be good.

Thanks in advance!


Aug 20, 2014
Complete wild camp will be unlikely near a lake. Fell foot themselves, a NT park are open on a few dates for " wild camping " there's also a NT side at the top of the lake whose name escapes me


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 15, 2005

Although I'd be using a stove or at the least a barbecue so any firescar doesn't happen instead of lighting a fire on the ground.
Aug 5, 2015
Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like that fell foot area is not taking any general camping unless for events this year according to the website. When you say NT does this mean national trust? Do they allow camping on their land?