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Jan 5, 2017
North Wilts
Hi, I'm just testing the water really, I make the odd few knives as a hobby, and am wondering if there would be any interest in them on here, if people think they would sell I will get in touch with the admin and upgrade my account to a maker and think a bit more seriously about selling some that I have made.

Mostly I just buy blade blanks, and put a handle on them and make a sheath for them, it is just something I do in my spare time to keep myself occupied, so I don't know if technically I can clam to having made the knife or just assembled it.
And to the pics:
knife1.jpg Knife2.jpg Knife3.jpg Knife4.jpg

Comments and input welcome.
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Apr 19, 2018
Keep at it. :)

There used to be a terrific site dedicated to cutlery called British Blades. Had a mountain of information about making knives, and a generally excellent atmosphere. Gone now., and hasn't really been replaced with anything of the kind you might be looking for. Though, there has long been an interest on this site (I speak as a - very - long time lurker). There was a guy on British Blades who went as Penillion there. He used to do exactly what you are talking about. Buy a blade, make a handle. People bought them. He got extremely good at it, very inventive with different materials, and there is a long, noble tradition of making knives in this way, as you know, especially in Scandinavia. He took to calling them EKNIs. (English Knife with Northern Influences - was that right?)

If people like them they will buy them, perhaps. The important thing is keep getting better at it and make sure you only do it for the fun of it. Start making it a business or taking orders and you'll soon get pretty disillusioned with the whole enterprise. People can be pests if they think something isn't happening the way that they think it should, and I doubt you'll want that polluting things :)

Do a google image search on pennillion knife and a few pop up. I see some of them are on Worthpoint. Last I heard he'd stopped making them, but maybe not.
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