Knives clear out !

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Mar 21, 2006
N. Wales
Hi all,

I have for sale a few knives that I'm not using, just sitting there collecting dust.

Condor Village parang. ................ £40 + P&P ............... SOLD

This one I've re-profiled the edge some, made the grind a little deeper.
I've also re-shaped that great round block of a handle, made it oval and waisted it so you can slide back for better
control and chopping force, it still fills the hand nicely and it's improved the parang no end.
Oh and I added a bit of a finger choil so you can choke up a bit. Works well.

I like it but I'm so used to my Khukri, I'm a creature of habit plus I've found nowt of comparable size that will out chop it, I'm lucky to have a ringer, my Khukri sings to me!!


Becker BK9 ..................... £90
This is a brute of a knife. I've removed that horrible crackle like black coating. I was thinking of giving the blade a high polish for better corrosion
resistance but decided against that. I would have too remove to much steel, not good! The grind lines are very well executed and uniform so it looks fine IMO.
I considered re-handling with nice wood but decided against that also, thought I'd try this handle material out, it's not bad actually.
I read there was space in the handle that some guys used for a bit of survival kit, not very practical I thought. Then I had an idea,
I'm an archer, mainly trad but do dabble in compound a bit, shock absorbing material is used on many compounds to reduce vibration. Why not pop in some in the handle, can't hurt. So I've done just that, there are 2 ball bearings sandwiched between Sorbothane in the two main gaps and bits popped here and there. Whether it does anything I can't say but hey nothing ventured as they say!
Fitted the scales back with red fibre liners and sealed them. The nuts I've held captive with black miliput and screws sealed and fitted with locktite. Thought the miliput might fall out during. use but no it's held firm.
Good steel on this one, holds a great edge.

The last pic is a comparison with the Leuku I made, I always pick that up so the BK9 is not working and I'm not really a collector.

DSCF4636 copy.jpgDSCF4640.jpgDSCF4642.jpgDSCF4643.jpgDSCF4644 copy.jpg

ENZO Bushy 100mm 01 TS ............... £75 + P&P

I handled this a few years ago and for the life of me a can't remember the wood I used, nice though, (My memory is awful,
I'm sure someone will identify it easy enough) black fibre liners and brass pins.
Zero scandi grind, I need to get it on my wet stones, I'll polish that up for the buyer before it goes. No sheath.


Damasteel utility. ....................... £110 + P&P

75mm blade 30mm at it's deepest. Overall 180mm. Ebony scales, stainless pins and lanyard tube, neck type sheath.I didn't make this one, forget the maker on BB, sorry memory again! (captain someone?) Blade was Heat treated by shing.
Beauty this one and holds a wicked edge.


I took all the pics using flash, it makes every scratch stand out like a sore thumb, believe me they are not scratched to hell, they look just fine.

PayPal no probs, I'll work out P&P when interested party asks. If you decide to buy you are also confirming you're 18 plus years of age.



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