Sold Knife Research Rasul...NOW £155!

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Apr 16, 2009
Yo ! looking at your hands in photos 1 2 and 3, they look very old.... how old are you ? :)

Which pics? ;) As old as I feel like being thanks. I thought we’d lost you to The Great Famine, or the highest rate of Covid-19 per capita in the world.

Cheap shot mate, but a fair point. ;) Also good to know you’re ok. :)
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Mar 1, 2009
northern ireland
Morning :)

( I don't do cheap shots matey, just having a bit of a giggle)

We're still alive and kicking :) how's you and yours doing in these strange times ?

Wife has come out of semi retirement and is on the vaccination team now for nursing and care homes so it's all a bit frantic at the moment

Stay safe Sir

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Hultafors Outdoor knife for Sale

We have a a number of Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteels for sale.

You can see more details here in this thread OUTDOOR KNIVES The price is £27 posted to the UK. Pay via the paypal button below.