Kifaru and Icebreaker gear

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Aug 4, 2013
Hello good people at Bushcraft UK,

I’ve got some nice Kifaru and Icebreaker gear I would like to offer.

As you know its good quality stuff, so it should be used rather than being store in a drawer.

Any questions, measurements or further pictures please let me know.

Please follow the links for pictures. Sorry, the pictures of the Icebreaker stuff aren't very good.

I live in London E2 in case you would like to pick up the items, or have a look before you buy.

I will post tracked and insured for your and my easy of mind.

Some of the Kifaru pockets are not made any longer so I orientate my prices on ebay in the US. You know how expensive it is to order in the US with shipping and duties on top.

Postage: I will only charge the costs. For the UK think of £5 and I transfer money back in case it’s cheaper.

Here we go:

NEW Icebreaker Merino Kodiak Fleece/Jacket

It’s a nice and super warm Jacket with Icebreaker’s thicker 320 fabric. The item is new and would cost around £190 in the shops. I would like £130 please.

Size L


NEW Mens Legion Long Sleeve Half Zip – 320 fabric

Top mid-layer and also new. Usually retails around £120. I would like £90 please.

Size L


NEW Kifaru Claymore Pocket in 1000d Cordura. Foliage colour.

This is the original indestructible version in foliage green. They are not any longer stocked by Kifaru and well sought after I've been told.

As you can see on the picture there are handy dividers inside the pouch, so you could even use it as a stand-alone pocket or bag.
I've also seen people using it as front pocket hanging on the shoulder straps to keep stuff handy you want quick access to.

You can attach it with Malice clips, which I include.

Measurements in inch are: Wide 12 - High 7.5 - Deep 3.5



USED Kifaru Liter Plus Pocket(s). Foliage colour.

This pocket is super handy and is a perfect fit for a Nalgene Bottles.

The webbing makes them incredible versatile and they can be attached in multiple ways. I will include a couple of smaller Malice straps which cover 3 rows of webbing.

The pouch is padded, so it’s also a great for cameras or other fragile equipment.
Kifaru does not make these pockets any longer; I believe there are now quite desirable.
The condition is very good. I used it a couple of times only.

Measurements in inch are: High 4 - Wide 9 - Deep 3

I've got a second Liter Plus pouch which I'm thinking to keep for my camera. However, a good offer might change my mind in case you are interested in attaching one either side of your bag.



NEW Kifaru GPS Pocket. Foliage colour.

Cracking little pocket, but I never used it.

It is designed to ride on your shoulder straps or your belt, this pouch is sized to fit a GPS unit or cell phone, but is ideal for a multitude of smaller gear that you need to keep safe and at hand.

- 1,000d Cordura, water resistant interior coating
- Dimensions: 2.5"w x 2"d x 6"h
- Can be attached with Molle Strap (included) or with other fastenings



NEW Kifaru small size Pull-Out Pouch. Foliage colour.

Never used it. It came with some other stuff I bought.

These "grab-and-go" pouches have been quite popular because they let you easily organize permanent caches of gear that can be hung inside your pack, pocket or on a gear room wall. Rugged and incredibly lightweight with a full zipper for complete access.

8 by 5 inch with round corners.

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