Keela Ventile Jackets

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Full Member
Oct 4, 2003
Sittingbourne, Kent
Did someone mention they have a Keela Ventile ?
I have had one for years, they are superb (service is far quicker than West Winds too).
I have a single layer one, I have sewn the hood in place and replaced the hood drawcords with shock cord. I have added chest pockets too. I cut the lining out to make it quicker drying and added buttons on the inside to accept a Dutch Army Goretex liner. I have used this combination in some pretty fowl conditions (Dartmoor, Cambrians, Brecon, Knoydart,etc) and it is bombproof.
The liner only wieghs a few ounces and takes up no space at all in my bergen, they are cheap too (£12.50).
Can you still get seconds from Keela?

Celtic Dragon

New Member
Aug 4, 2003
Hatfield, Herts
I've had my Keela for years prpbably about 7-8 to be presiceish. Must add that mine is 1 of the early ones and has a teflon coating and I have been over the moon with it. The down side I have missplaces the internal fleece that goes with it, but I have since found out that any fleece will zip in so the ex works 200 polartec fills the gap nicely!!!



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