Just to say thanks for the welcome

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May 19, 2005
Well i'm moving back to England.

My mum had a stroke a few years ago and my dad is really finding it hard to look after her so i've dcided to move back to the north east to give him a hand, least i can do really considering everything they've done for me.

So i'd just like to say thanks (i know Nathan feels the same, he was going to do a post like this 3 weeks ago when he moved back to Newcastle but hey, you know what these young uns are like), thanks to all the great friends we've met since we came to live in Scotland 5 years ago.

You guys (you all know who you are) are the nicest set of people i've ever met. Friendly and generous to a fault, and i know we'll both miss you.

Saying that, you don't escape that easily, both Nath n me intend to get to a few meets north of the border (well north enough) so we'll hope to see you all soon.

I'm starting to well up so i'd better go.

atb and thanks again


Barn Owl

Old Age Punk
Apr 10, 2007
Aw mate, sorry you've got to go in such circumstances.

A' the best Dave and to Liz and Nathan.

Hopefully see you sooner rather than later.

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