Just finished this one...

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A while ago, I saw an ad from Brisa for damasteel offcuts. "Aha!", I thought, and bought one.
Then I thought, "How do I HT this?" :rolleyes:
Fortunately, Shing put an ad in about the same time, offering to do HT with his facilities, so that solved that one.
Anyway, a bit of sketching produced this design - HT by Shing, initial sharpening and general tidying-up of my grind by Longstrider.
Full marks to both gents for their services :D
Yes, it has bitten me a few times, in spite of taping up the blade while working on it :yikes:

Usual scale included ;)





Hope you like, and thanks for looking :)


Need to contact Admin...
Jun 9, 2008
I really like the short, stubby, deep-bladed look of that. A lot.
I don't often comment on many 'here's a knife I made' threads since they're often all much of a muchness, but I do like this one.

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