job vacancies in scotland ?

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This school was discussed in a previous thread and not favourably. You will notice that the web site gives no information whatsoever on the qualifications or experiance of the instructors. When someone emailed them about this they said they could not give any further information because of the Data Protection act.

It is a shame as they are pretty close to me and it could have been a good way to spend my weekends.


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Feb 25, 2004
Ouch, Thanks John, seem to remember that. So you won't be applying then ?


At this time of the year I have a really good look at who's doing what as everyone revamps their stuff in some fashion. Allways looking to do something exciting and this one stood out as being vary grey on who they are and what you actually get, let alone what they have actually done in the past, pictures of peoples backs and not faces in my opinion never look good, neither does what looks like more than netiquette 'fair play' on using other schools presentation info.



Making memories since '67
Of course i have to add that I do not know anyone who has actually attended one of their courses so it could be that it is a fantastic course that is badly marketed. If anyone has been on one of their courses I would love to hear how it went.