Jack Hargreaves

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Woody girl

Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Mar 31, 2018
You beat me to it! Discover this a day or so ago and was wondering whether to put up a post or not. I find you beat me to it. I loved jack and often thought of that program over the years. What nostalgia it evokes of my childhood and years gone by. It's sad to think of all that skill and knowledge gone to a greater degree.tho there is a bit of heavy horse working here and there. Coopering and other skills are so rare now. Long live jack Hargreaves! Top man. I've just learned how to string onions properly from the video on you tube.. I want the box set for Xmas now!
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Sep 29, 2018
" Top man."....:biggrin:

Jack was an executive of Southern Television and organised the Southern TV Sea Angling competition back in the late 1960's. He came to a small sea port nearby to where I live one weekend. Competitors, cameras and film crews etc: all descended on the port. I was home on leave at the time and helped with getting the competitors and all their fishing gear aboard the boats and consequently got to meet Jack, if only briefly. As a relative youngster..(pantomine voice.."Oh! Yes I was.." ) I was a mere dogsbody but he was a true Gentleman to everyone he dealt with that day.
During the course of the preparations for the boats going to sea, he met a local with whom he had served in North Africa under Monty in 1942 and the organisers had to pry them apart to get the competitors away to sea on time. :D
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Sep 29, 2018
I never ever dreamed I would say this...but...unfortunately I'm not a member of Facebook...:laugh: But thanks for the info, and it's good to know that people in the modern world still remember him fondly...:thumbsup:


Dec 28, 2018
West Sussex
Happy memories indeed! Watching Out of Town and before that Country Boy I think?
There was one particular episode of Out of Town that sticks in my mind although somewhat vaguely if that isn't a contradiction.
Jack was on a small boat on a lake fishing for perch.
As I remember he used a simple rig, a drilled bullet stopped above several coloured beads just before the hook baited with a lob.
He'd cast and slowly retrieve the rig across the bottom of the lake targeting the larger specimens.I really must have a go at that...minus the boat.
Apologies for going off at a bit of an angling tangent!

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