issue softie jacket and trousers

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Full Member
Oct 27, 2006
well bought myself some softie top and bottoms oliven sand reversable
am 6ft and 34 waist 34 inside leg 42 chest and bought size medium in both trousers and jacket which fit me perfect
both are very warm and pack away well into the supplied stuff sacks but i reckon they will go smaller if i used compression sacks instead
the build quality is very good and both are very comfortable to wear
jacket has pockets on both sides as do the trousers which also have full length zips to aid getting on and off
there now packed away in my winter day sac for this winter to put on while having a break and will also use them for an extra layer when sleeping out
altogether very happy with my purchases
mine were bought new from only army off ebay excellent seller and got both new for less than £50 together inc postage
but theres plenty out there for prices right down to £10 used which would be great for work or fishing


Jun 8, 2014
Poole, Dorset
They are brilliant - squash down to next to nothing. I don't use a stuff sack, just put them in the bottom of my pack and they sort of disappear :)

Old Bones

Oct 14, 2009
East Anglia
They are fairly huge - they are designed to go over everything, and getting hold of a small or even medium is difficult. I got what I assume is a medium (from the measurements) from a charity shop for less than a tenner, and although its relatively warm, its about the same length as my ME Lightline jacket. Again, while the trousers are warm, they are very much a sit around bit of clothing.

If someone is after a decent midlayer/top layer synthetic jacket, they could do worse than something like this from Decathelon. I got something similar a couple of years ago, and good value for money.


Aug 9, 2017
Agree great bit of kit....although if I could kick my own butt I would have today,never go near anything that has thorns with my softie jacket on,but now have a nice tear covered by ductape:rage::cussing:

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