Introducing the USB camping stove

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Oct 25, 2009
In a barrel, in a field
Was browsing Gizmodo earlier and found this Biolite stove and for once it really does look like something more than just a gimmick, i would love to try it out.
Powered by a thermoelectric generator, the fan separates wood gas from the sticks and other pieces of wood you've lit, blending it with air so it should roar nicely. The generator stores any excess power generated while the fire is burning, so it can be connected (via USB) to your gadgets. Apparently it takes just four minutes to boil one liter of water—sure beats singing kumbaya for the tenth time as you're waiting for your cup of tea.
and @ Biolitestove

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Dec 25, 2009
I like it!!! It's a turbo hobo.

I guess something similar could be acheived using the IKEA stove and a computer cooling fan. The charging bit would be a bit more tricky - I'll have a look at my Maplins catalogue.

I might look at trying to build one while I'm house bound.
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