interesting YouTube channel...

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....about survival/ bushcraft in northern vietnam.

yesterday i stumbled across a YouTube channel called "" survival instinct "" . i've watched about a dozen videos so far and there's more for the next week or so:) . the guy doesn't talk at all (like the well-known chap from Queensland) and all he uses is a local type of jungle knife to build a hut, trap, crossbow etc. ...
i've managed to watch the whole channel by now...

in 2010 i used a two-man version of the bamboo fire saw to start the evening campfires during my time on a farm in the Northern Territory, the same method i used to show kids on a farm in Korea in 2012. At some later point (2013) i had an epic failure:jawdrop: and have never been able to start fire since then despite several tries:eek::bag:

all my attempts with several versions of the one-man version were unsuccessful, too:(and
today i grabbed some bamboo on the beach and tried the method from this channel using a driftwood log as base and coconut husk as tinder under supervision from an already mentioned floppy-eared young lady (she's used to "daddy" starting fires with sticks from our time in the mountains). first attempt failed but second time was successful -- having a light breeze helped getting an ember...

not a world-shattering event but i'm happy
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