in need of a head torch recommendations please?

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Feb 14, 2008
Warwickshire, UK
One more +1 for the Alpkit Gamma :)

I took the top-of-the-head strap off mine, and having the battery pack at the back works well as you have the extra red LED for walking down country lanes etc.


Acutorum Opifex
Nov 10, 2003
I nipped in to Cotswold at the weekend to see what they had on sale. SWMBO picked up a few pieces of clothing but I spotted the new tikka plus 2 and whilst it wasn't on sale I did get a few quid off with my discount.

It's a great torch - the white led is very bright and the red led is great for those situations where you don't want to lose your night vision.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Feb 22, 2006
My Tikka cracked too! Think its something to do with where the batteries go in, it always seemed a tight fit. Still it lasted me 8years and still works now just not sure how waterproof it is now.... Might have to check this Alpkit gear out.


Aug 17, 2007
Got an Alpkit Gamma for Christmas :)
First impressions:
+looks and feels nicely built
+the straps are easily removed for mounting on a bicycle helmet
+max output is good enough for cycling on unlit roads, lower levels are fine for walking
+the lower power leds have quite a bit of flood, good for reading or work closeby
+the higher power led has a sharp beam shape, focusing the light only where you need it, if the light was floody with the same total output it wouldn't be sufficient for cycling I think
-rear red light is rather weak (plastic ribbed strip illuminated from one side), don't think it's sufficient as single rear light when cycling (will test though), still a nice extra though and certainly won't blind anyone behind you


Aug 30, 2006
Nr Chester
I have had loads of the cheapo energiser, duracel jobbies etc and they have all fell to bits in no time. The duracel one seemed to shine down into my eyes as much as it did into my path. The other added bonus was having to cycle through the bright white setting to get to the red???? Night vision gone intantly.
Eventualy coughed up for a petzl jobby and never looked back.

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