IMG code is ON

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Jul 28, 2009
west yorkshire
in the bottom of my screen is my permissions box and it says IMG code is on.
when i click on this it brings me to a list that says this means I can embed images in my post.

How can I do this?

I'm planning to do a review on some stoves next weekend and would like to put the pictures in amungst my text.

does this mean I can do this or do I have to do the Photobucket thing? I'm not a big fan of that!


Aug 11, 2009
Hey Mike, I'm a techy, so I'll help as much as I can.

To embed an image, you use BB code, which is a language the forums understand.

Basically, typ
and put the Direct link of the image in between them. You can get this by uploading a photo to Photobucket and/or Imageshack etc and they will provide a direct link.

An example would be as follows:

 [ img][/img ]
EDIT: Useless, the CODE tag is supposed to disable any code within them, who wrote this forum anyway!? :p Ah well, you can see what it means, I just had to put a space inside the [ ]'s to stop it working.

Now, that typed into the box usually would produce this:

Just a piece of graphics work I did.

I hope that was clear, if not, say so and I'll use pictures to explain.




Feb 15, 2005
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Look on Youtube, there are explanations of how to upload to PB and then link your pictures on a forum. It is one of those things you take for granted once you know how to do it. Seriously, I remember the problems I had at the start and now wonder why people struggle! It is easy, but only once you know how and having somebody show you makes it so much easier!