I also Cook !!!........... Ulu

Been wanting to try an Ulu for a few years now and it seems a good follow on from me trying the north American Indian Carving tools
As usual ive started close to an existing old pattern before thinking of any drastic changes ive also gone for one you cant put your fingers thru so it cant be called a Knuckle duster or a T bar style so it cant be called a punch dagger :rolleyes:

I used approx size of the large ones I saw which is fairly big :D

5" high 7 3/4" wide and just under 10" cutting edge 52100 bearing steel 2mm thick full flat to convex edge.

with teklok mountable Kydex cover :ninja: For Tacticooking

Carbon Fiber scales with orange G10 liners and Nickle silver Tubes

and cos its me I had to do some smaller scale versions med and small

for some reason i want to mount to large ones on a handle as a double head axe :pirate:

heres the small one maybe good for sewing kit and skinning small game ???

2.5" high just under 4" wide and jsut under 5" cutting edge



Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
oooh those are *nice* :D :D
I love the curves :cool: and you've eased those damned nicks-everything-near-them points :D Very practical :approve:



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Nov 10, 2003
......for some reason i want to mount to large ones on a handle as a double head axe :pirate:.....

i personally feel that it'd be ever so rude not to :)

i like the look of the little one, as you suggest, i think it'd make a great addition to a sewing kit. as for the larger style of ulu for food prep......does no-one carry an axe anymore? GB SFA is one of the best herb choppers around :lmao: