How many rucksacks do you have?

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Nov 28, 2011
Forest of Bowland
Just 3, a Berghaus 30l daysack, a Karrimor running pack and a 65l cheapy from GoOutdoors. Tend to use a fishing bag for dodging about.

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Feb 19, 2013
Stockton on Tees
I have for that I use, a non brand 20l everyday, a 44l highlander in OG an 88l in DPM and a 120l bergan also in DPM.

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Apr 9, 2012
one for rambling and fishing Berghaus Munro
one for my basecamp Bach 45 l. permanently packed
one for hiking; Berghaus Vulcan permanently packed

I had vintage ones Leahter canvas ones:
German; the canvas ripped at stress point some pointed, no steel frame, wunderful!
Swedish M39; horrible steel frame pressed half way me back, so sold it
Telemark Norwegian army one, when hiking for hours the steel frame really irritated me, so sold it..


Aug 9, 2004
Rotterdam (NL)
Kifaru bags;
ZXR - Multi day
XRAY - Daysack
Urban Zippy - work/EDC
E&E - EDC/camera/add on pack

I have to say after reading this thread I feel so much better about my 'addiction'.

Scout - quick and lightweight overnighter
Express - hiking

Lowe Alpine Sting - long trips / winter kit

5.11 Rush 72 - unemployed with tags in the cupboard


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Aug 6, 2008
South Queensferry
save a seat for me at the next meeting Liam. My names Chiseller and i have around 20 !

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Will do :D

I have;

* cheapo 35L from Argos
* fishing ruck with folding stool
* bright yellow framed Cobmaster
* green frameless Cobmaster in need of repair - a project I got from Tengu I think
* Highlander 44
* framed telemark bag
* framed 1920's bergan
* framed GS butyl nylon bergan plus 2x 58 webbing and large (lol) pack
* dpm NI pack
* 120L dpm PLCE (gave one away to my son the other day)
* size 3 Vulcan II cost 2 weeks wages back in 87

That's just what I can see from my chair, I'm sure I have others Kicking about somewhere...



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Feb 22, 2006
Erm hi I'm Kit and I have a rucksack addiction.

I currently have this lot in the man cave...

Lowe Alpine outback 65-85
Lowe Alpine Sting
Berghaus Munro
German army issue mountain pack
Snugpak xocet
Helsport 45l that I can't think of the name of.
Alpkit Gourdon 25l
No brand molle assault pack type thingy
Plus a few shoulder bags :eek:


Mar 15, 2007
South Yorkshire
foldaway 30l craghoppers green/grey
craghoppers 30l daysack black/red
mod bergen and side pockets green
camelback cloud runner 20l blue/grey
sabre 35 gren
predator tec 45 green
mtp ammo grab bag
Chinese cheapo shoulder bag acu


Sep 15, 2008
One LK-70
One 65litre Everest
One Ancient 85 liter REC
One 37 liter NoName
One 40 liter Lundhags
One 25 liter noname
I got to clear my attic


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Sep 17, 2003
Got a few, had a few....but!

Lastest purchase is an Alice Pack Frame, LC2, with a shelf, and straps included.

So I can strap anything on it. [Aka, Do it like Dick!]

A dead animal, boxes full of equipment, logs, 20litre jerry cans, full size spades, adzes, axes, chainsaws, etc etc, etc.
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Nov 25, 2012
Ok, well I have a 35 litre Berghaus, the first modern sack I owned and was amazed by.

80s Lowe alpine in nylon. About 35 litres and was bought for three month trip in Thailand.

40 litre berghaus, little less modern, nicely minimalist.

40 litre berghaus made in uk, bright red and bit knapsack.

Pair of golites in medium and large, which are my main hiking sacks.

Karrimor omm style 30 litre.

Lightweight berghaus 40 litre or so. Yeah, two of those.

Couple of dakines, brace of jansport.

65 litre Karrimor doing duty carrying camp kitchen.

Maybe a couple more that don't really count...

(And we really aren't going to go into shoulders bags here.)

Crikey, not sure if that was therapeutic, cathartic or just got me thinking about the next one

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Feb 23, 2015
Been doing one of my regular trawls of the forums and found this little gem. Seems my bag addiction isn't as bad as I thought! I shall be presenting these lists as evidence in my case to the missus as to why I need a new rucksack...

My bags in descending order of size:
Karrimor SF Predator 80-130...... By far my favourite pack. In fact, I need to write a review for it as there is hardly any information out there and it is great.
Berghaus BioFlex 65+10...... Great comfortable lightweight backpack but not hard wearing enough to take into the woods.
Lowe Alpine Sting
Karrimor SF Predator 45
PRI Bowman Radio Pack
Blacks 20L something
2x PLCE side pouches w/ yoke to make a rocket pak.
2x Karrimor Predator Side Panels
MOLLE II Sleep System Carrier...... Added a strap and use like a duffel bag
Canvas shoulder bag
Leather shoulder bag
Textile padded shoulder bag
Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack
MOLLE II Bumbag...... when worn below the predator 45 it takes some of the weight off the shoulders.
2x GSR Haversacks...... The guy on ebay threw them in with the Predator 45. never used them but the padding might make them good as a camera bag.

Really want to get the Mil Spec Monkey Adapt pack to replace the dying Blacks bag as I don't have anything else in the 20L range with good organisation. Unfortunately the postage from the states makes it rather expensive!


Aug 10, 2008
Bridgend, South Wales
I too have a bag fetish...and I know I still haven't found THE bag yet!!

I have:
3 x PLCE bergans (2 x OG and 1 x DPM, all with side pouches to go)
2 x Berghaus Munros (one customised with 3 additional pouches, water bladder, etc
1 x Berghaus Arete
1 x POD Black Ice
1 x Mountain Equipment 55l
1 x Deuter 55 + 10l
1 x Alice pack
1 x Berghaus Cyclops in DPM
1 x Deuter guide 40l
1 x Lowe Alpine Guide 40l
1 x Exped Mountain Pro 40l

I think thats about it...but I haven't gone into how many fly fishing bags I have, nor the Snugpak response packs, game bags for shooting, rifle cases!!!! I think I need help!!!! :confused:

I am going to get a custom made one by the guys at 1157 Tactical as soon as I have some spare cash. I've seen some of their handywork in the past and it is bomber kit.
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Apr 14, 2016
North West
1. 28 year old (nearly) Berghaus Cyclops Crusader with side pockets (needs some tlc)
2. Berghaus 45 l Rockstar (used once I think)
3. Berghaus Munro
4. ALICE Medium woodland camo (no frame, was used as my rugby kit bag)
5. Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon 2
6. Maxpedition Condor 2
7. 5.11 Rush 24
8. Maxpedition Mongo (useless, deeply uncomfortable article)
9. Maxpedition KISS EDC bag
10. Finnish (?) Gas Mask bag
New purchases post last camping trip:
11. N.I. Patrol Pack
12. Berghaus Centurio 45 with Large MMPS Pouches (Coyote Brown)

Waxed Canvas:
13. Frost River Summit Expedition (use it every day as my briefcase)
14. Frost River Isle Royale Junior (beautiful, beautiful pack)
The Rockstar, Condor 2, Rush 24 and Mongo I intend to sell, but have intended to for the last 2 years!
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May 27, 2015
An old blacks 40lt that very uncomfortable, a LK35 for my overnights and a 20lt SF saber ripoff mountain warehouse daysack that's surprisingly good

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Jun 24, 2011
North Yorks
In no particular order and not counting bum bags, shoulder bags, cycle panniers, belt pouches etc:
5.11 Rush 24
5.11 Rush 72
KSF 45litre with side pouches
Bergans hunting pack approx 60l - comes with folding stool - very nice and lightweight pack
Duluth Rambler
Frost River Isle Royale
Frost Rivet Isle Royale Jr
Frost River Knapsack
Frost River Summit Pack - only bought so my lad can use the knapsack when we go on a bimble together!!
Had another 2 or 3 which I got rid of after acknowledging I had a problem ( the problem being not too many rucksacks but not enough room to store them :)).

in mitigation, I didn't pay full price for most of these - some secondhand, some on offer etc. just can't resist a bargain!!


Mar 26, 2016
LOL! I thought I was the only one squirreling bags away looking for JUST the right bag. I've got at least seven rucksacks in various sizes, together with pouches, bum-bags, and shoulder bags. And that's not counting the camera bags. So WHY do I find myself looking at ALICE packs, bergens, surplus LK35 bags etc. and going mmmmm, that would be useful?

Maybe we need to start a support group :)
Apr 8, 2009
Ashdown Forest
Dutch (LOWE Alpine Copy) Saracen Bergen
MTP Air Support Bergen
2x OD PLCE bergens
1x DPM PLCE bergen
Berghaus Cyclops Roc
Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100
British army Arctic H frame Bergen
Karrimor (old skool) Panther 65
British Army GS bergen
MTP Dismounted Close Combat daysack
5.11 Rush 24
Karrimor SF Sabre 45
Karrimor (old skool) Hot 45
DPM Karrimor SF Delta 35
OD Karrimor SF Delta 35
Karrimor SF Sabre 30
PLCE Daysack/NI pack
Berghaus Munro
Arktis Daysack
DPM daysack of uncertain provenance

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