How many rucksacks do you have?

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Sep 3, 2015
New Forest
In the services I had

58 Large Pack - a poor excuse for a bag
GS Bergen - Too small as a Bergen but not a bad patrol sack without the frame
SAS Para Bergen - I used one of these on selection (which I failed) but quite liked it.
Ski March Bergen - not too bad on the shorter fame
PLCE Trials Bergen - Not too good, a lot of issues compared to the Berghaus
Berghaus Crusader - Spot on.
Berghaus Roc - Best available in its day*
Karrimoor 80-100 - Not bad but needed spraying.
Artic patrol sack - dreadful
Unit made 35 litre Patrol pack copy of a Berghaus Munroe - Made by the equipment repair guy in 45 commando from an old Tan seamans kit bag, awesome kit - sold it and regretted it.
Karrimoor SF DPM 40 litre patrol sack - Sold it and regretted it, bombproof
PLCE trials patrol sack zip opening top, plain green - gave it to the cadets
German Airborne Rucksack - Not bad, improvement on 58 large pack.
SADF rucksack - ok but not particularly rugged, with poor zips.
ALICE MEDIUM WOODLAND - Very good I liked it and sold it.
PLCE Green Bergen - Good kit
PLCE Other Arms Bergen - Excellent patrol sack*
PLCE DPM Bergen - Short back perfect for me.*
Bowman radio sack DPM - I love this*
Proforce Highlander 35 Litre patrol sack tan - Much better than you might think*
ProForce Highlander 80 litre DPM Forces Bergen - this belongs to my son who had it in the cadets, he is no in the Army but had nothing but praise for this Bergen. (now lives in the loft)
ProForce HMTC/MTP Patrol sack 40 litre with MOLLE bits over it - My son swears by this*.
DPM NI patrol sack - I have one so does my son, bomb proof, fairly comfortable and carries a good load.*
Green Webtex copy of above - OK but unconvincing
Black Field Pack 35 litre, issued- less use than dogs muck on your boot and less durable than a plastic carrier bag from Tesco.
US Army National Guard laptop rucksack - very posh, black cordura and embossed leather*
US Army National Guard garrison day sack - OK*
US Army National Guard Insulated Lunch bag - How posh is that?*
Swiss huge Bergen - Rubberised canvas, leather bottom, two external pouches, internal frame. Sort of a Swiss PAPA Bergen. One of the best constructed and thought out things I ever possessed, a bit like my Rolex watch

On the way a British DPM Medium ALICE pack ex Royal Bermuda Regiment - Odd purchase since I am now a civvi

* are the ones I still have
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not counting what was left behind (and probably pinched by my ********* relatives...) in europe when i started my trip more then 10years ago only two:
#1 a bergans alpinist 110l (i doubt that volume is correct.... ; + think paying hefty norwegian price for vietnam-made (=not-so-good) quality and lousy customer service). the fabric is still in good nick but some of the stitching fails in places i cannot reach.... . if i do any more serious travelling in the future i'll need a replacement....
#2 a tatonka 28l daypack (also planning to replace it)

+ a large shoulderbag- a gift 13years ago, my old el cheapo canvas EDC bag and my current EDC bag (made by bilmo-p5)


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May 17, 2011
Had and Have

2 x SAS Para Bergen still use
1 x SAS /PARA Dragon supplies version BEST one I own
PLCE Bergen - Green
Berghaus Vulcan - Used but Hated the 2 compartments in the main part so gave away
Berghaus Roc - Had and sold after Vulcan
Berghaus Munro -Worn out after 18 years use
HMS Ronum - similar to a munro.
ALICE pack Large Still got but on long trip did cause a back problem
PLCE Other Arms Bergen - Excellent bergan still use
DPM NI patrol sack - Excellent daysac
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Dec 31, 2005
Kifaru bags;
ZXR - Multi day
XRAY - Daysack
Urban Zippy - work/EDC
E&E - EDC/camera/add on pack

I have to say after reading this thread I feel so much better about my 'addiction'.
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tiger stacker

Dec 30, 2009
Blacks Rucksack still going strong
NI Patrol resting. ideal yet this urge to carry more means it was replaced by the mtp big brother.
Arktis Black going strong rather similar to below, no molle strips thankfully.
mtp 40 litre ideal for bowman and other knee knackering stuff.


Oct 2, 2008
And I thought I was the Imelda Marcos of Rucksacks!

1. Issued GS bergen. Got rid of as soon as pos.
2. Issued frameless canvas rucksack. So **** I blew a month's wages on a Cyclops Roc from HM Supplies in Camberley. Left shoulder strap broke on the Plain. Not a happy bear...but to their credit HMS handed over a brand spanker the next week. Only just got rid of it after 30+ years
58 pattern large pack. Enough said. What were they thinking?

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Oct 2, 2008
And now...a collection including:

1. Sabre 130 for camping
2. Victorinox day sack for work trips
3. Rush 24 for work 'run bag'
4. Experimenting with Moab 10 for smaller carry-on
5. Sea-to-summit fold up job for portable laptop carry between meetings when on work trip
6. Couple of little karrimor 20 litre jobs for keeping thing in the car

Thinking about changing the victorinox/Rush 24 combo for a Rush 72/Moab 10 combo for work trips

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May 13, 2015
3 or 4 depending how you look at it. Camping and outdoor, Andes remada big loader 120L on woodland DPM.
General day to day, generic black rucksack, off Amazon, not sure on brand.
Shooting. Massive (jack pike? Off eBay) decoy bag, 150L single compartment in mossy oak.
Not sure if it counts but my game bag, tweed and leather unbranded and quite possibly hand made I've had it years and I'll be gutted when it wears out.
Beretta range bags x2, but there holdalls not rucksacks so I don't imagine they count


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 6, 2008
South Queensferry name is Bob and I'm a rucksack addict...:)

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Hi Bob

***stands up from his plastic chair in the seated circle***

My name's Liam and I have about 11 or 12 rucksacks...

***sits down to group applause and welcoming comments***

I actually gave away a 120L PLCE bergan today. Ok, I know, I know, but it's a start.

***searches you tube for Lena Martell's one day at a time song*** :D



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Oct 5, 2011
West Riding
Hi Bob

***stands up from his plastic chair in the seated circle***

My name's Liam and I have about 11 or 12 rucksacks...

***sits down to group applause and welcoming comments***

I actually gave away a 120L PLCE bergan today. Ok, I know, I know, but it's a start.

***searches you tube for Lena Martell's one day at a time song*** :D

save a seat for me at the next meeting Liam. My names Chiseller and i have around 20 !

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May 29, 2015
Ooh I love this thread. And I no longer feel guilty about my number which is relatively modest
1. Berghaus 55litre women's fit with add on pockets - bought in 1988 and still going (it's been to about thirty countries)
2. Berghaus 35 litre climbing sack - bought in 1989 and still going (it's been to about twenty countries)
3. Berghaus 10+5 litre day sack - bought in 2012 to replace one that was burnt by a burglar in my back garden. This is the bag I use instead of having a handbag.
4. HYper Light Mountain Gear 40 litre Cuben fibre sack - bought second hand this year - already done some decent walking
5. Fat face canvas rucksack - 35 litres and heavy as a heavy thing but was bought to have something canvas before I knew about Frost River etc bought in 2007
6. Frost River pack basket - bought because I am sucker and it's very pretty - about forty - forty five litres also bought this year at the Wilderness Gathering as the postage from the US is appalling
7. Maybe four tiny day packs made of cotton, or silk or something flimsy that can folded up tiny.
8. A frame pack like the one Otzi the iceman has, to which lots of different things can be tied - made this year.
9. An external frame sack from the 1980s when I was a kid and going camping as a Guide - so I didn't carry a tent or the bedroll.
10. A frameless bag from the late 1940s which was my mum's and which she used travelling in Western Europe.

That's it! Not too many really, and there's only two I've bought I don't have any more - the stolen and burnt one and a go-lite jam 50. Now, if you'd asked about tents, that's a whole other story!

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
I have just two.
One was the design used for an early American Everest climb. It holds 3 cases of wine. Very useful.
The "day-bag" holds some food, drink, stove, ammunition, a-wipe and a few space blankets.
I'll guess that it has been witness to several hundred grouse in my kitchen.


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