How long for fire?

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May 16, 2006
North Yorkshire
I don't know why this just popped into my head today......

I know how to make fire in a variety of ways, but I'm curious as to how long it takes others to prep and get a fire going?

Roughly speaking from "this looks like a nice spot" to "right lets get the kettle on"

I can take my time (sometime up to 30mins if I'm not in a rush) but I was thinking how many of the stages or how much faster I could do it IF I had to.



Full Member
Feb 8, 2010
Depends on a lot of factors.

If you're talking about having all the gear ready, seconds, but going and fetching wood in an area well scavenged on a scout campsite easily half an hour to an hour.

I'm impressed with the guys who can friction light a fire with a bow drill in just a few seconds.