How Do I "Say Hello"

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I just wanted to say hello to eveyone here on bushcraft uk but there seems nowhere to do it? Have been a hammock camper for a couple of decades and have discovered wildcamping using a tent/bivvy/hammock over the last couple of years and find it is such a good way to camp and enjoy our beautiful British countryside.

If anyone has any do's and don'ts, tips,tricks, locations etc for wildcamping on Dartmoor can you please pass them on? Anyone know where I can get a good map showing the no go zones that the army use, please?

Thanks in advance!


Jun 24, 2011
North Yorks
Re- Dartmoor - standard OS maps - Landranger, Explorer will show what you want. But also check the Dartmoor National Park website - it clearly shows the areas used by the military AND importantly shows times/dates when access is permitted / restricted / forbidden.