Hobo fishing project.

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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 9, 2005
I have read a lot about hobo fishing recently, and thought I would give it a go.

I am a fairly keen fisherman as it is and am no stranger to rod and reel..... Anyway. I got chatting to the owner of a pond I fish and told him my plans, he agreed to let me try out my "invention" on his pond as long as I keep it low key.

So the project.

I am fully aware that In "survival situation" a longline or net is much more efficient then angling, however I suppose a true "hobo" would also keep his kit minimal and inconspicuous so if "liberating" fish from a land owners water his tackle would be less obvious and it would enable him to fish on the move.

I intend to make the whole kit from from natural materials with hand tools. Nothing specialised, just a knife and axe if possible.

So, I have had a few thoughts and to be honest my initial concern is with the welfare of the fish. The pond in question is packed full of small greedy perch, so these will be my target species. I will of course operate catch and release.

My next worry is if my line brakes and I loose the hook inside the fish, ultimately this may kill the fish, however the pond also has a health stock of greedy pike who regularly take perch when you are reeling in on conventional tackle, so I am confident that an injured sick fish will soon be picked off anyway. This lead to my next decision.

My hook material will be fish/bird bone as, if this is lost in a small fish, either the small fish will digest it or if the smaller fish is taken by a pike the pike should easily be able to digest the lot!.....

So tonight, as the weather is good and there is only "footy" on the box I am going out to collect some of the raw materials I will need.

I will keep updating this thread as I go along to show how I gate on.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 9, 2005
Well, managed to get out for a mooch and it was glorious! i had a rough shopping list in mind, and decided to approach this in the mind of a hobo keeping an eye out for edibles...

It was not long...... About 30 seconds before my cordage materials came ibto view (also edible)


I gathered a few up and stuffed em in my bag and mooched on.. In amongst the nettles and himalayan balsam was another easy edible green (and later seeds for coffee (goose grass)


And further on still burdock


Even if i could not catch a fish, i could feed myself here.

I continued on with a look out for a good bit of wood for the reel and any bird bones for the hooks...

Soon enough the woodland changed to young plantation


But just on the edge of this i managed to gather a little corgage or tinder material from this



So i pressed on

And next... My camera went flat......

Anyway i managed to find a suitable piece of wood and a good size goose feather for a waggler float...

To be continued
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