"Help for Heroes" Charity Auction #6

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Feb 20, 2007
Ladies and Gents,

Now, I don't have any skills to offer, great kit or experience to help anyone else out. But Red struck a chord when he spoke in his knife and axe offer about something personal, and while I don't have any great amount of money, I do have something that perhaps might be of interest or use to someone on this forum.

This is a simple Maplins kit I believe, made up for my mother, who had a lifelong interest in the countryside, something that she got from her mother who used to ride around the Kent countryside in the fifties and sixties on her motorbike and was well enough known in the Kent wildlife circles that she was still remembered thirty years later when my mother made contact with them.

I've never used this, but I know that my mother did. If it doesn't work, then I still have it's replacement, a more professional model, which I will exchange for it.

I wish the winner well with the bats!

Bids should be registered on this thread and start at...£1.

Bids close at 23:59 on 24/12/07 (one month from today). Money should be paid here


If you would like to know more about the cause "Help for Heroes" - please look here


If you would like to help, please consider one of the following options:

1) Bid on this item
2) Just make a donation on the links above - anything - that cup of coffee you are about to buy at work would be more than enough
3) If you feel as I do, perhaps you would consider auctioning something yourself. Your time, an item, a surplus thing in your "glory hole", something you have made, a guided walk - whatever you can spare.
4)Shake the hand of a service man or woman and just say "thank you - I am proud to have met you"

Thank you for taking time to read this thread, and yes, I know this isn't my normal account, but I never paid for that one. :eek: