"Help for Heroes" - Charity Auction #1

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British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
Ladies and Gents,

I would like to ask for your help if I may. Our servicemen and women are currently engaged in a number of conflicts around the world. I'm sure that we all have our views of the conflicts they are engaged in - and whether or not they should be there. Whatever the reasons they are fighting, they are there. Young men and women are coming home missing arms and legs, blind and crippled.

Recently a number of these wounded heroes were asked to leave a public swimming pool where they were undergoing physical therapy for their injuries since, apparently, its more important that someones kids get full value for their couple of pounds entrance fee than disabled ex-servicemen and women get vital physical therapy for disabling wounds sustained in the line of duty (full details here)


I can't take that - and apparently neither can others. There is a charity that has been set up to show our support for these guys and gals. Its not a political thing - its not about what we think about various actions, governments or defense policies. Its about saying to people who have laid down their lives and limbs in the service of this country that they are people to be proud of and thanked - not ashamed of and hidden.

I am not a rich man - if I was, I would buy these guys their own pool (one of the aims of this charity). I can't. When I read this today I knew I had to do something, So here it is.

My knife and my axe.

I have a yew handled Paul Baker knife. These are at least as good as a woodlore (IMHO). This one is the Bushman tz model in O1 steel with yew handles. It has the original right handed Paul Baker sheath and an aftermarket left handed sheath. I liked neither. So I commissioned a custom rig to carry this knife in the field from "Tiffers" on British Blades.

This rig was the sheath that coined the term "double dangler". It has high and low carry options, an inbuilt DC4 pouch (I'll include my DC4) and a firesteel loop (I'll also include the firesteel I made in cocobolo wood).

Sal Glesser of Spyderco liked this rig so much that he asked Tiffers and me to help him on designs for the sheath design for Spydercos bushcraft knife.

This "rig" carries my "wizard hat" trail mark. Whoever wins can have my trail mark as their own if they want it.

Now a good knife needs a good axe to go with it. I thought through all my axes and decided this would be the right choice to accompany my knife

This is my Roselli Alrround (Large) axe. More costly than a GB SFA or Wetterlings, it has a very broad profile and makes a superb cutting and splitting axe. The mask is, of course, a custom one made for me by Singteck. It has two D rings on the rear so that it can be hung from belt clips, pack or baldric as you choose.

Both of these items have been carried by me on numerous bushcraft trips and expeditions and have the marks to prove it. Both are as good as the day I bought them (no functional flaws or weaknesses) but are well "broken in" :eek:. I have offered these because I want the winner to have things that are personal and important to me.

Bids should be registered on this thread and start at...£1.

Bids close at 23:59 on 24/12/07 (one month from today). Money should be paid here


If you would like to know more about the cause "Help for Heroes" - please look here


If you would like to help, please consider one of the following options:

1) Bid on this item
2) Just make a donation on the links above - anything - that cup of coffee you are about to buy at work would be more than enough
3) If you feel as I do, perhaps you would consider auctioning something yourself. Your time, an item, a surplus thing in your "glory hole", something you have made, a guided walk - whatever you can spare.
4)Shake the hand of a service man or woman and just say "thank you - I am proud to have met you"

Thank you for taking time to read this thread



Nov 2, 2007
68’ North
Could I start high at £100 please? Feel strongly about this and very touched by the kindness on this forum.



Nov 15, 2004
Cairo, Egypt.
Good on you Red for bringing this to our attention.....
Obviously all the things I heard about you are nonsense.......:nana: :lmao: :lmao:

Donation sent....


Jun 2, 2007
North Surrey
Bid £130.

That is a generous gift you are making Red. Money is something most of us can ill afford, but at least the winner will receive something tangible in return. I'm not really sure I have anything other than money to offer at this point.

British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
Thank you guys!

I wish I could offer something more to reflect your generosity.

Well, If it helps the thing along, whoever wins can collect the axe and knife in person from the cottage. I'll happily take them for a guided walk, make them a brew in the woods, buy them lunch in the best pub in a hundred miles in any direction and walk them home another way.

Subject to the time of year, we will either doa wild food foray or spot some deer and raptors or gather some useful kit like cramp balls etc.

Either way I can promise something "bushcrafty". I'm also happy to post the items if thats a better offer :D



Full Member
May 25, 2005
Switzerland and France
I'll go £220. I was a patient at Headley Court in 1985 (for a scratch compared to the stuff coming out of the middle-east these days). Amazing place offering a unique service that deserves a lot more support than it is evidently getting. Thank you Red for starting this. Chris

British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
Guys - thank you all - I am grateful for your generosity.

And welcome David - good of you to look in here - that has to be the kindest first post ever.


swamp donkey

Jun 25, 2005
My first post seems not to have got through.

So here goes again .
I have just read the arcticle which brought on a range of emmotions .
So am bumping the bid up to £500

And a very Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to All. Espesially our serving friends