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Great Pebble

Jan 10, 2004
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Right, you lot are full of good ideas.

I've decided for the third or fourth time that I need to stop the smokes.
The last time lasted very nearly a year, but Christmas (2003) got me back on.

I don't want to hear about patches, gum or whatever, while nicotine withdrawl is a problem, I can cope with that, even if the people around me can't.

What I really miss, is the actual act of smoking, sticking the fag in my mouth and taking a draw.... I enjoy doing that.

I'm sitting here chain-smoking a pack that I bought just before leaving work and am relatively determined that it's going to be my last.

Any suggestions for making this easier greatfully received.

Bob Hurley

It's both simple and hard. The simple part is that you have to really WANT to quit. The hard part is making yourself honestly want that.


Jun 3, 2004
I have a friend who had been smoking since the age of 9, she's now 15 and is almost smoke free. She said to herself, monday and tuesday: 10 smokes. wednesday: 9 smokes, and so she cut the amount down every 2'nd or 3'rd day and now she takes a smoke now and then, but can keep of them. :)


Making memories since '67
Not sure how this will help but I was smoking 30 a day and stopped when I started going out with a girl called Karen. She did not smoke and I decided it would be better if I was not too, while we were going out. It was not that difficult as I knew I had not stopped forever, I was going to restart when we split up, however, 11 years later with two kids Karen still doesn't smoke and neither do I.

I do have the occasional cigar to satisfy me need to stick burning things in my mouth but it is only about once a month or two so not high volume.


Dec 31, 2003
heard of people eating looly pops or just having a small stick of wood to put in their mouth. Not sure how well it works though. My cousins husband just had hypnosis and stopped without any trouble


Dec 29, 2004
I gave up 7 months ago, my advice is just get on with it but try to keep busy and remember a craving only lasts for 3 seconds so find something to do for that three seconds I played with my keys or a pen :roll:


Oct 31, 2003
I think it can help to have something like a pencil or lollypop stick (like andy said) just to have someting in your hand and bite on now and then. However if you can get away from eveything that is associated with the habbit it is eaiser to get away from it totally.

You have to avoid the pub and places where your mates will be smoking for a while. I had stopped for nearly a year and I was in the pub with about 4 people smoking around me and I just had to have one but I couldn't even get halfway through and I stubbed it.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Oct 13, 2004
Giving up is tough but can be done, I haven't had a fag in nine years. Having something to occupy your hands and mouth is a good idea as is breaking your routine, is you sit down with a cup of coffee and a fag first thing in the morning try doing something else to break the association like going for a jog. I took up cycling (well really had to commute to a new job) it taxed my lungs and occupied my hands and the gain in fitness was a positive goal to strive for that was really helpful.

arctic hobo

Oct 7, 2004
Devon *sigh*
According to psychologists, it's because you have to have something in your mouth - you're "orally fixated". As people say, get something else in there, chew gum, have a toothpick, a jews harp, whatever. It helps to have more than one thing on you to satisfy yourself. It sounds really patronising like entertaining a child, but that's apparently the thing to do. Worked for me, although I was only smoking for a year, I eat pens like nobody's business.

Great Pebble

Jan 10, 2004
Belfast, Northern Ireland
'Kay.. (says he with fag in hand, still from that last pack)

5 left and that's me.
Two big problems, that have been touched on by others are that SWMBO smokes and isn't going to give up anytime soon and I do a couple of evenings a week in the pub, working... Unfortunately on the "customer" side of the bar where lighting up is not against the law (yet).

We'll see what happens.

P.S Another "unfortunate" is that with a very few exceptions I detest sweet things which knocks lollys and gum for six a bit.


Jan 2, 2005
Aldershot, nr. Guildford, UK
I have just the solution for you! I'll draw a diagram for an easily made device that is guaranteed to help you kick the habit!

Here you are, it's the Rhapsocorp X-treeeme Stop Smokerizer 2000 (pat. pending):




Full Member
Aug 3, 2004
Harrow, Middlesex
I too am trying to quit...

Have you hired some large thugs to enforce your quitting?

Slip them a few hundred quid and tell them that if you smoke they should break something like a toe... after a warning first, of course!

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