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Feb 1, 2016
United Kingdom
I just wanted to say hi.


I'm based in near Reading and up until a few months ago I was living on the Thames, which meant I was using a variety of different bushcraft techniques on a daily basis, which made for an interesting life - foraging, gathering fuel, water purification etc

I'm passionate about the outdoors and find now that I'm living in a house, I miss all the sights, sounds and smells that one associates with life on and close to the river. Previously, I had lived on a 10m yacht in the NE of England and Scotland, with time spent on the whisky trail on the western isles :)

I've been into mountaineering and climbing since I was in my early twenties, but these days I prefer more sedentary activities that are, well, less scary/deadly/crazy.

A big fan of tarps and looking to get into hammocks. Really looking forward to getting stuck into the articles and reviews on here - I'm sure it is a veritable goldmine of know-how, how-to's etc.

My favourite word is passion, I dislike ketchup and I don't care what you say, instant coffee is the work of the devil...


Jul 9, 2013
Alright yossarian? nice to see another reading-ite?

I'm living in Caversham myself and theres plenty of good walks and camping woods around.

im also a big fan of hammocks and did my first winter camp last week :)