Hello from sunny San Diego

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Sep 4, 2017
San Diego, CA
Hello from the US! Been looking to get back into bushcraft/camping and stumbled across MCQ Bushcraft's channel on YouTube. Very interesting channel and introduced me to the LK35. Seems like a solid pack from the reviews and loved the idea that this pack was as customizable as it is. Being from the states the LK35 is known in some circles it seems but a bit hard to track down. Searching on eBay I stumbled on the Swedish SJ35 and actually just bought that pack.

I'm sure some of the mods people commonly make such as the side pouches would carry over well to this version of the pack but I was curious to see what experiences others may have had with it and any modifications people may have done specific to this pack?

Thanks for having me and looking forward to being part of the forum!



Jul 27, 2011
I'm very jealous; San Diego is one of our family's favourite cities. We go over twice a year and the kids love it.

You can drop me some clues on good outdoors places for when I go back across!

Welcome :)

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