Hello from Finland

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Feb 25, 2021
Hello from Finland!
I just joined yesterday, but It looks like this forum has lots of very interesting and useful staff to offer!
I have been an outdoor person my whole life. Finland is pretty good place for that kind of activities. Even here in Southern Finland, where I'm I living and working, exists lots of woods, lakes and nature reserves. We have 40 national parks and in Northern Finland wast wilderness areas where you are allowed camp freely, fish and make fire.
I have always been fascinated about the old times bushcraft, outdoor and craftsman skills. Those skills that earlier times used to be common but are now widely forgotten. I'm trying to learn those skills myself. And I think that this forum has lots of things to offer.
During the covid lockdown I started to make small outdoor and bushcraft skills -videos. I have now posted some in YouTube and some I have also linked here in this forum. So feel free to watch and comment.

Very nice to be here!

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