Hello again!

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Jul 19, 2013
Co. Durham
Hi folks, it's been a long while since I was last on here, and a long while since I done anything bushcrafty!

A lot has happened in my life which has put everything on the back burner, including in the past 8 month I've became a carer for my partner, lost my job and have a baby on the way, yikes!

But I've set out on my own and I'm running a small sawmill my dad built many years ago, and it's taking off like nobody's business so I find myself about ready to get back into my hobbies.

The main reason I'm back on here is I bought a hatchet with a lovely ash handle from a guy on here but never got to use it for bushcraft, it's been sitting in my bag for years, and now I find myself using it many times a day for work! Sorry I can't remember who I bought it from but thank you!

Sorry for the long post, that will be all!

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