HEADS UP - Film, Fantastic Fungi film

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Rambo Rees

Full Member
Aug 15, 2020
Heads up....All those that have Netflix (or can find it elsewhere for that matter) I would highly recommend watching the film:
Fantastic Fungi
This 2019 American film gives a sublime description of mycelium and what researchers know/theorise about it's effects and symbiosis with plantlife (and us humans)....
It does delve into the psychoactive
and health giving properties of fungi (a lot) but I would highly recommend you stick with it
Take from it what you will ladies and gents, I just watched it and am almost compelled to watch it again (and I never watch anything more than once.........except James Bond films!)


Full Member
Jun 18, 2008
Off the beaten track
Just managed to get round to watching this.. I’m not thoroughly convinced, it sort of jumps around a bit and seems to just charge “facts” at you without any plot. You kind of get bored of time lapses of mushrooms growing after a while, it also seems to have a somewhat leftist agenda. And I really don’t think that we need all the evolution and spiritual experience nonsense either, they could have made a far more interesting show by taking personal beliefs out of it.

Just my short critique.
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