Heads up, cheap canvas patrol tents.

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May 11, 2009
Planet Earth
canvastentshop are having an end of summer sale including some deals on refurbished patrol tent. They even have an
"Ex-army Canvas Ridge Tent Dated 1945 Lots of Patches" for £100! If I'd not just bought a new teepee I'd have had it for storage myself!


I have no connection whatsoever wit the company, I just thought someone here might like a canvas bargain.
Wow talk about an attack of nostalgia
we used those tents when i was in the scouts they were a nightmare to erect with just one patrol specially as the ridgepoles weighted more than the poor scout who had to hold it up(invariably one of the ones just moved up from cubs as they had never had to do it for themselves) i'm almost tempted to buy one to pass on the memories of the struggle :)