Has anyone eaten insects?

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Jun 10, 2006
south wales
I suspect most of us have eaten insects conceled in salad etc, I've tried chocolate covered insects from the Philippines and dried and tinned Mopane worms. Years ago if you flew Rhodesian airlines dried salted Mopane worms were given out on the flight, rather like crisps or pringles would be today; not bad fried off almost like a sausage substitute.
Not since I was a child, Apart from the odd fly whilst out on my bike!
I have eaten chocolate coated something or others a friend brought back from a holiday we tucked in thinking we were getting chocolate raisins, and also a small green ladybird as a pre school age. I have no memory of this only a story told by my other.


Jun 26, 2008
Kukrit grubs are rather nice, basically a chewed up kukrit nut inside a skin sac but they're not a UK thing.
In my younger days a mate and I dared each other to eat maggots whilst we were out fishing, they weren't too bad really - they'd been purged with bran rather than feeding off rotten meat.

So called, when I was a toddler I couldn't be left alone in the garden because I'd upend the stones and eat worms and woodlice. I have no recollection of this though.
Nov 29, 2004
You can eat british insect larvae (e.g. beetle grubs). Has anyone tried this?
Woodlice are quite tasty so I'm told, however I like the little guys and would hate to kill them. I have eaten insects when abroad but I'd rather not make a habit of it.

Additionally some UK grubs especially the larger ones may from rare insects, stag beetles and the like so best not to eat them. :)
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Jun 15, 2005
st albans
i've never tried eating insects although from what i hear the chocolate covered examples out there are quite nice.
it would take a lot for me to try a grub though. i did see a programme once with this celebrity who went out to australia on this job placement thing and he was basically showing tourists round the outback. anyways the head guy there told him that all the guides show the tourists the famous witchetty grub and make a show of eating one.
anyways this poor fella found one that was a bloody monster and when he went to eat it he done exactly what i would do and promptly yacked up in his akubra hat lol


Aug 17, 2006
Yeovil, Somerset, UK
I've had chocolate covered scorpion that was bought for me by somebody on holiday in some foreign place. Was totally disapointed tbh. Was hoping for something nicer but what I had was similar to stale kit-kat.


Aug 22, 2007
I've only intentionally eaten woodlice and worms in this country, they don't taste of much unless you find a nice juicy worm in the middle of a garlic patch - lovely. Must've swallowed a good-sized steaks worth of midgies by now though.

I have tried most everything except the tarantula from the edible.com site, which is a good place to start if you're looking to give entomophagy a go. :D