Gryphon Yoemanry Volunteers need you..!!

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Jul 16, 2006
Well I have been and met the guys from the Gryphon Yoemanry Volunteers... They aren't Walts and they have exacting standards and reasons for being in uniform.. But I did persuade them that if they want to recruit new members, such as people from this community, then they would need to relax the uniform rule to enable members to chose if that's what they want to do... But everyone would have to wear the Gryphon logo'd T-Shirts / Sweatshirts when on taskings.
Beards are allowed as well now, as long as they are trimmed and tidy.
Their ethos and intentions are very good.
To support the Emergency Services in times of need by carrying out the menial tasks that would otherwise slow down the response times or tie up vital man power.
Ie.. Being an admin party to erect tentage, provide Brews & Food, man Access /Egress points, carry out Base Communications etc as well as boosting man power in areas such as First Response with qualified personnel, extra maritime patrols to assist the Coastguard & RNLI.. And extra hands on deck for SAR operations.
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