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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
This forum is for members of Bushcraft UK to organise group buys for other member. The organisation of group buys is purely voluntary and the idea is that the price for an item can be driven down by buying in bulk. It works well. ;)

Unless you’ve organised a group buy yourself you’ll have little idea of how much work and effort goes into negotiating, organising, paying, delivering and all the other stuff that goes into a successful group buy.

In light of this please abide by what the organiser of the group buy says, they’re the ones doing all the legwork, make it as easy as possible for them at all times.

Do not say yes to any goods unless you’re serious, pay the organiser how he asks on time and always be grateful that someone else has done all the work so you can have a some kit at a good price.

Uti, non abuti - To use, not abuse


EDIT: 22 January 2012:
Amendment to Groupbuy rules & regulations:

As a ground rule - anyone organising a Group Buy:
- Must not be in it to profit themselves, either financially or with goods, and
- Must have at least 50 posts on the forum, and
- We expect you to have introduced yourself in the Introductions & Welcome forum.
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