Greetings from the Leicestershire wilds

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Mar 26, 2021
Market Harborough
Without knowing it, I've been a bushcrafter on and off since the 1970's when I was a boy scout. During 30 years as a teacher, I led many expeditions and camping trips to remote parts of the UK and Africa (I worked in Malawi for 2 years). I qualified as a mountain leader and D of E assessor in the 80s, and mixed my outdoor walking and camping habit with a range of other sporting obsessions, including rugby, cycle racing , fishing and golf. During lockdown last year, I played around with knifemaking and axe restoration, and have now started all manner of other other crafts. Last year I began learning hedge laying with a very experienced friend, and have now spent most of the winter working at it. I now spend more time on YouTube outdoor and bushcraft channels than I do on normal TV. I look forward immensely to new releases from Cimbrer Bushcraft, Wranglerstar, Girl in the woods, Rob Evans, Simon and bloke in the woods, The Welsh woodsman, Overland and Outdoors, Bushradical, Bushwacker man and many more.
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Oct 6, 2003
Hello and welcome to the forum!

I lived in Harborough for about 13 years and my parents are still there. When we are allowed to meet people outside, if you fancy the idea, I would be happy for the chance of a bimble and chat with a fellow outdoors nut ;)

Best wishes

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