Greater Manchester Bushcraft Group November Meet

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The Ratcatcher

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Apr 3, 2011
Manchester, UK
20th to 22nd November 2015, at Giants Seat Scout and Community Campsite.


Giants Seat is a functioning Scout camp located near Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. The site is 58 acres of mainly woodland, with a large field in the middle. There is a toilet block with showers and washing facilities and a water tap.The site entrance is off the A667 (Ringley Road West) between Whitefield and Kearsley, Grid Ref. SD774055. Sat Nav users enter postcode M26 1DY. Follow the track to the end, bearing left through the 5-bar gate where the track forks.
You should bring at least basic camping equipment, (tent or tarp etc., sleeping bag and mat, cooking equipment and suitable clothing), food and anything else you think you might need. (My personal advice is don't go out and buy a lot of expensive kit. You might change your mind when you see what other people have.)
There are a few rules for camps (inevitably) intended to make life comfortable for all, and maintain the goodwill we have built up with the site owners.
1: Please pay camp fees to the Admins as soon as possible after arrival.
2: Children and guests are the responsibility of the member that brings them.
3: All rubbish is to be removed, there are no facilities for disposal on site.
4: Ground fires are allowed, but must be approved by Admin or Duty Warden.
5: Sharp tools must be sheathed or otherwise covered when not in use.
6: If you want to join the group fire, please help collect and process firewood.
7: At the end of camp, the toilet block must be left clean and tidy and the site must be cleared of all rubbish. Please help, as this often gets left to the Admins.
Alcohol is allowed, in moderation, after 6:00pm, but ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE BANNED.
So, What goes on, on camps?
People start arriving on Friday afternoon and set up camp.
On Saturday there are skillshares and other things going on to get involved in. Past skillshares have included Greenwood Carving, Arctic Camping, First Aid and a wide range of other subjects. If there is some aspect of Bushcraft you are particularly interested in, please ask, and we'll try to arrange a skillshare.
The activities vary with the time of year, as we can do more in Summer than in Winter.