Great short film

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Jan 5, 2013
SE Wales
While there is no doubting the skill he has, some of those strokes had me flinching :)

The exception that proves the rule, perhaps? He's from a completely different culture, using different tools and timbers, and you can bet your bottom dollar that his technique is nowhere near as dangerous as it may seem to the watcher. And his training would have been extensive and exhaustive in typical Japanese style.

Didn't stop me flinching either, though :)
Dec 6, 2013
The first time I was shown the chisel prior to being shown a video of it being used I thought "Damn, more ammo for the anti-knife brigade and the Zombie protection league" It's an incredible tool and seeing it used by a craftsman is a real treat...I agree though there are several times when I guess to and extent conditioning as to correct use of sharp pointy things does make you cringe a bit. I will say, when I looked before at it and read up a bit about it, it seems that generally a particular type of wood is normally used that lends itself to use by this particular tool......curious as to what some of the comments might have been had a picture of the chisel been posted maybe a couple of days before the film clip.



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Aug 24, 2012
Excellent skills and a great advert for the safety of a really properly sharp tool.

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Jun 14, 2016
Great skill .

The Japanese Woodcraft shines yet again.
Precision , art and craftsmanship at its best.
These guys are just so dedicated it's beyond comprehension.
It's where craft, religion and cultural traditions meet.
Not by any means implying that our craftsmen are somewhat inferior , they're not . Some even legendary in their own right but the difference is in the approach.

As an example, a typical Japanese carpenter will spend at least an hour , EVERYDAY, at the end of the days work , sharpening all his kit.

Over here, the typical craftsman will spend at least an hour , at the end of the day's work , polishing drinking skills down the pub downing a couple of "dust cutters" and putting the world to right before going home...😁
That's me included ...

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