GPS. Is it just me?

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Aug 6, 2011
Remeber them old E Trex GPS that were yellow, the 16 bit screen and all of that. Well now they have gone full colour. No biggie as I have been using my e Trex for years going up some hills.

But now there seems to be some confusion. It seems e Trex 20 and e Trex 30 does not want to perform with Memory Map (according to a review on a website). So now I am thinking if my old one is better for Memory Map or that I need more money than sense.[URL=""The link that has me confied dot com[/url]

So I am thinking (again) that if the nice e Trex does not do the Memory Map and I have to plum for using my old and lame GPS. The e Trex 30 with the compass and barometric pressure looks like fun but gadgets like in built compass? By common sense would say this could be relied too much on by people.

So what would you go for in the GPS range of the "I am as tight as a month in a misers wallet" range.


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Nov 28, 2011
Forest of Bowland
I'd go for the etrex 20. I've used Etrex H's, GPS 12 and GPS 60 in the past but am so far impressed with the 20, I'm just struggling with Basecamp as I'd previously used Mapsource which this unit doesn't support.


Feb 1, 2012
I've just got an eTrex 20 - first GPS so can't compare it anything else (used my phone before) Seems pretty good although to get any sort of usable UK wide maps is bloody expensive - Basecamp is ok when you get you head around it (and figure out you need the GPS plugged into it) - there's a free online course you can follow that's pretty good. Satellite pickup seems to be pretty good even under cover.

All the other stuff, compass, altitude, barometer etc is just stuff to play with when you're bored - I'll still be taking my silva along.