Good Flora & Fauna Links

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Dec 8, 2010
Almost any UK/Europe specific book on tree ID is a good start. The Collins British Trees book is very popular and very good. A copy of that can often be found in a stationary shop called The Works for a fiver, and other tree ID books crop up in charity shops all the time for probably less than a fiver.

There are a few great threads on this very forum for suitability for carving different types of wood, a quick search often brings up many threads. Some green woodworking books have lists of species and suitability, but that usually only a page or 2.


White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
These are food based links that were sent to me by Dr. Adriano Genovese Medical Director at an Italian Uni so thanks to him. that features a meal plan
on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and how to live a Mediterranean lifestyle.

and that features a nice
infographic about the vegan diet and list some good sources of nutrients like
iron, calcium and proteins.

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