Glyn-Y-Mul farm aka Lone Wolf Campsite

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Jan 25, 2014
Pembrey Forest
Hell bloody yes!
This is the campsite you have been looking for.

It's just a mile and half from the nearest bus-stop or four miles on foot from the railway station and most of that hike is along a cycle-track/ tow-path so pretty easy going. If like me you're on a tight budget and don't have transport it's ideal. Whilst no vehicles are allowed in this area car owners fret not you can park up within site of the woodland and haul your gear in like the rest of us. The path in is a little bumpy but it's not that far to some awesome pitches and there's something to suit everyone be they ground dwelling tarp critters, hammock brigade or glamping with a circus tent.


Weird feeling on Monday night for I had the entire woodland to myself, no distant glow of street lights and the sound of the occasional coal train running past all but drowned out by the thunder & glug of the river. The world could of ended and I wouldn't known about it, only the excellent cell-phone reception spoils the illusion.


Yes, I wimped out and took an airbed. The bergan was way overloaded for this trip with eggs,bacon,frying pan, proper coffee and a paraffin storm lantern, but getting there was a short haul so I figured I could cope with the extra weight. The lantern came in handy Tuesday night as things got a little swampy with all the rain when a puddle had developed just to the rear of the shelter where my sleeping bag was attempting to soak it up. Ended up sat with the lantern between my legs (as the torrential rain was giving the fire a hard time) and the soggy end of the sleeping bag over my knees gently steaming whilst the heavens continued to pour down. Smelly but toasty warm. Dried out enough to get half a nights sleep before beginning the trip home this morning.

As you might expect the site has been pretty much picked clean of twigs and deadfall and living trees are off limits so grabbed a bag of pine logs on the gate. Keeping the fire small meant that bag lasted for two nights, had the weather been better then I would probably of got through more or resorted to plan B. Knocked up a bowsaw frame and gone wading across the river. Definitely taking a hatchet next time as batoning those dried knotty pine logs for kindling with just a Mora was a bit heavy going.

Pack your Sawyer filter or Millbank bag as the river water can get a bit turbid with fine particles that a bandanna may fail to catch, alternatively seek out the three streams running through the site and give one of them a try. Good peaty flavour that compliments coffee perfectly :eek:

Got to admire the determination & patience of the folk who stacked those rocks, maybe next trip when it's warmer I'll have a go lol

Don't be too tempted to go exploring far on the opposite bank of the river, this happened Tuesday morning after a night of heavy rain.
It came down quick with no audible warning till an almighty crash as it hit bottom.

Deluxe area with seating, all you need to find is a stream to chill the beer.

Enough room to swing to cat or the entire tribe to gather.

Neatly stacked piles of twigs and larger sized branches also suggested Bushcrafter's had been there recently.
This was later confirmed after the discovery of advanced tool use...
Come on own up, whose spoon is this?:)

Definitely going back there again soon packing sunblock and beer. :cool:
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Apr 7, 2007
off grid somewhere else
We as a family went a few years back it had been left in a awful state by what the owner described as bush vandals they had cut green wood and hacked saplings left fire scars everywhere axe marks in the trees litter everywhere and none of the staff spoke English or Welsh ? the site itself was lovely and if is now been cared for again we may give it another go.


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Jan 25, 2014
Pembrey Forest
I only collected the remains of one untidy camp on my wanderings, bundle of fishing line, melted plastic bottles and bent grill rack etc in a fire ring that barely half filled a carrier bag. So on the whole it looks like people are respecting the place now. Mind you it's a big site and my insanity has limits so left some of the wilder looking tracks unexplored for younger legs.


Mar 26, 2016
Thanks for sharing this, have bookmarked page and it's now on my list, looks very nice. And hammock friendly too :)


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