Ginger beer

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Sep 12, 2005
I've a friend who makes alcoholic ginger beer, very very nice :D The only problem he has is making enough of it! If you have any questions i'd be happy to pass them on :)


Mar 26, 2007
We made some after getting my daughter a kit for Christmas (we really shouldn't have bought a kit, I know, as it was just a bag of ginger and some brewers' yeast but it seemed more of a present for her when it was in a box :eek: ).

It turned out...OK. A bit bitter for her liking and the bottles blew up - well as they were plastic, they didn't actually explode, but just doubled in size. I have subsequently seen one or two suggestions that once the bottles have primed, they ought to go in the fridge to stop further fermentation, and be drunk fairly quickly.

The other thing we did was to squeeze and push the mixture through the handkerchief that we used as a filter, so I think this may have resulted in more yeast in the bottles than there should have been. I'd just let it drip through next time.


john scrivy

May 28, 2007
I may be wrong The ginger beer plant works something along these lines grated ginger and suger and yeast warm water all in a demmijohn with a air lock in place when bubbles stop syphon off liquid into bottles a few days later ready to drink - The yeasty stodge at the bottom of the demmijohn is again topped with warm water and the proccess starts again I think you can also split the stodge in 2 and get 2 plants going I openly stand to be corrected as I said at the begining I might be wrong I bet RED would know He reminds me of ask Elvis on steve wright in the afternoon the guy is pretty smart Red that is


Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Mine generally takes a week to start and the same again to re-boost the plant.
I do keep it warm though; I think ten days is a more usual time.

Make up a yeast mixture using two mugsfuls of very warm water, two tablspoonsful of sugar, 2 tablespoonsful of ground, or four of grated fresh, ginger (no need to peel), and either a lump of fresh yeast about the size of a bantams egg or 1 level pudding spoonful of dried, or one sachet of breadmaking, yeast.

Put it in a largish jar and cover with a clean cloth or kitchen towel tied down with an elastic band. Keep the jar warm. This is the basic plant.
Next day, and each day thereafter, add, I teaspoonful (level if dried, heaped if fresh) ginger and one of sugar, stir well and re-cover.

After a week dissolve 500g (half a bag) of sugar in a litre of water, bring it slowly up to a boil and then turn off the heat, add another three litres of water thensqueeze and strain in the juice of two lemons (lime's nice ) Strain the contents of the plant jar through a cloth into the pan of warm water.
Strain again and bottle leaving a bit of room at the top of the bottle. Leave somewhere coolish for about a week then start drinking. Be wary, there's a lot of fermentation going to happen and the bottles are *live*. Generally it doesn't last long enough for it to be a problem though :D
It's very good chilled in Summer or heated gently in Winter.

The strainings of the plant can be returned to the jar and re watered and fed to keep the whole thing going again :cool:


p.s. the second plant is the bit that can be divided up to make two starters but tbh it's an awful lot of ginger beer :rolleyes
p.p.s. *Adult* ginger beer can be made by brewing as above but adding two generous measures of whisky or brandy to the bottles after three days of fizz building. This will stop any more fermentation and greatly add to the taste :))


May 19, 2005
Just to say that I'm now on my second batch, and very nice it is too!

I brewed the starter for 5 days and started drinking the beer after a couple of days, that was the only change I made to the recipe. The result a very refreshing drink that has little or no taste of alcohol, suits my tastes!

Thanks Toddy!



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 15, 2005
Cardiff, South Wales
I've made ginger beer before, but I can't remember the recipe. I remember it was quite strong in alcohol though, and VERY fizzy - one or two went pop. Exploded ginger beer takes a lot of cleaning up.

Matt Weir

Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 22, 2006
Tyldesley, Lancashire.
I'm thinking after a couple of weeks in the demijohn just syphon it out into a jug, add ice and a slice and get stuck in? Won't that save any explosive issues?


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 15, 2005
Cardiff, South Wales
I think the fizz is part of it. :D Mine was in Grolsch bottles. I think what I did afterwards was just vent a little of the gas every now and again to release the pressure. It wouldn't be the same flat.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 15, 2005
Cardiff, South Wales
Probably. Here's a tip. Once it's bottled, store it in a shed or garage. Not the bottom of the wardrobe. Under your girlfriend's clothes. How she laughed....

dave k

Jun 14, 2006
Blonay, Switzerland

Does anyone have a recipe for alcohol free ginger beer? I don't drink at all after stomach ulcers due to anti imflammatory drugs and love ginger beer but would like a low alcohol or zero alcohol version?

You can make any ginger beer non-alcoholic by using only a small amount of sugar, to help the yeast make co2. You then use artificial sweetners for taste instead of sugar.
Either this or just make the non-carbonated version, and omit the yeast.


Sep 29, 2004
I have a recipe which is very similar to Toddy's - it makes avery refreshing drink with almost no alcohol in it (probably under 1%). The only problem I have is the fact it doubles in size every week and there aren't enough folk to give it away to! In this case I tend to put half the mix into a freezer bag and freeze it - it generally keeps for a couple of months and restarts if left to thaw slowly.

But of course, since we've discussing non-alcoholic things to do with ginger, I thought I better redress the balance with one of my favourite wine recipes :D

Ginger Wine

1/2 cup grated ginger root
1 cup raisins
1 orange
1 lemon
3lbs sugar

Peel the citrus fruit and juice. Put ginger, peel and raisins into a half-gallon of water and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Cool, add the juice and yeast and place in a fermenting bin. Ferment for 2 weeks, then rack off, straining out the fruit bits, and leave to ferment out. Rack and bottle.

you can optionally add other spices like allspice, or cinnamon to subtly change the flavour - makes a perfect Christmas drink, or great round the campfire as a mixer with whisky!


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