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Okay this is the result of Jack's posting here

I have managed to contact a retailer however they really want numbers before they can confirm a discount structure. As these should retail for £5 that is my ceiling. If I cannot get the price to a level where I can get them to your door for less than that, including PayPal fees I will not go ahead.

So if you are interested post here. So far there are 13 on BB and that was before the thread started. And for more info about what I am actually talking about see below. Should be handy for anything from a water bottle to a sheath or small axe.


Civilian Labs Ghost Ring

A unique and minimal means of carrying small to medium sized drinks bottles - when not in use, fits easily and comfortably in your pocket!

It's usually the simplest things that are the most ingenious - just roll the Ghost Ring's O-ring over the neck of either a common garden type water bottle or SIGG type bottle (as long as there is a flange or lip on the bottle), clip it to your belt loop or bag strap and away you go!

Perfect for clipping on a climbing harness or day pack, it also fits many hand tools such as hammers or wrenches for driving climbing pitons at the weekend or nails whilst at work or in the home.


Snap hook for multiple wear options

phenolic resin, spring steel and nylon webbing
20cm L x 4cm W x 1cm D / 7.7 x 1.6 x 0.4"
15g / 0.5oz

Information shamelessly lifted from here


Making memories since '67
Toddy said:
Any chance of before I make up the Christmas crackers? I'd like a couple for them. :)
I would think so but will know better later in the week. There are almost 30 reserved so far over on BB so if I can sort out a price then I should enough to place an order quite soon.

We may also be able to pick colours but if I can only have one colour I would go for Black. If I can choose colours then it is a case of what you have asked for.


Someone better tell that guy that a ghostring is actually a type of sight for a shotgun, I would hate to see anyone in legal trouble over a name like that, :eek:


Making memories since '67

I now have the price for the Ghost Rings. The price delivered to YOUR door is £4. The only thing that does not include is PayPal fees. If you are payiing me by cheque the cost will be £4 if you are paying me by PayPal it will be £4 + £0.20 + 3.6% = £4.36

Now what I am looking for are the names of those who now definately want to go ahead. Post here and send me a PM for details about payment.. It may still be a week or two before you actually get the Ghost Ring as I have to get all the money in and then get the order off.

Oh and you CAN pick the colour you want. Choices are Black, White, Red Yellow and Green. If you do not specify or if they are out of stock the choice is Black :D

So in the confirmed list we have

2 MagiKelly


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Sep 21, 2005
Yup still 2 please :D

Pref yellow and white but will go with the flow ;) (if it has to be a 'Ford' then so be it! :lmao: )