German Mountain Rucksack Mods

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Jan 6, 2017
Here There & Everywhere
Yesterday I was given a German army mountain rucksack.
Don't know if it's an original or not.

Looks nice enough and about the right size for a day out with room for a few extra toys.
My first thought was, 'It could do with an extra pouch.'
Ideally one on the outside sitting between the two straps that run down the outside.

Has anyone ever done this?
How easy was it?
What did you use as an extra pouch (it is tempting to go and buy a similar pack and take off one of the side ones and put that in the middle - but that seems to suddenly make what is a free bag into an expense)?

What other mods have people made?
Pictures would be gratefully appreciated.


Apr 27, 2005
I have just seen a Youtuber with a molle first aid pouch in that position. Hearing his argument for why he has his first aid kit there was a light bulb moment so I am thinking of doing that. The straps would just slip though the molle straps on the back of the pouch.
In case you are wondering it was because if you ever need it, you will really need it and somewhere in the middle of your pack is not the place for it if you really need it. Speaking as someone who has decorated my kit and my first aid kit in blood at least once this made a lot of sense to me.
If this is the rucksac I am thinking about, the front straps roll rather than pull tight so this would work really well with a pouch like this on the front. It is not going to stop me doing it to my current rucksac however can see the pouch stopping the straps from puling tight when day hiking.