GB Wildlife hatchet, DD tarp, Sigg, Klean Kanteen, and a stove.

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Spaniel man

Apr 28, 2007
Looking to fund another purchase, so some bits of no longer used kit for sale....No trades thanks
GB Wildlife hatchet, well used, but will last a lifetime. I've added a leather lanyard, a wolf print stamp, and there is a bit of Gaffer tape around the retaining strap, as I nicked it with the sharp end! They seem to be around the £60 mark new.
I'd like £40 SOLD for this, which includes PP and postage.
DD Solo tarp, absolutely brand new, never used. Bought on a whim last week for £32. A bit bigger than I need, so it can go.
I have added 50 feet of Nite Ize reflective cord in green, ( cost me £12) split between ridgeline, 4 guys, and a couple of prussiks. I've also added mini glow in the dark line locks. ( I've done the same to a couple of my tents, and they are really effective) It also comes with the original guys, and pegs. About £40 worth. Oh, and I'll chuck in some GITD pegs too.
I'd like £30 for this, including postage and Paypal. SOLD

A couple of water bottle, one Sigg aluminium (1 litre) , £5 posted and a Kleen Kanteen ( 800ml) stainless steel. SOLD PENDING FUNDS

A Coleman lightweight folding gas stove, used a bit as a back up to lend to others. Works well. Now £5.00 to your door

Vango 'bum bag' converts to a small daysack, (5+12 liters) good clean condition, hardly ever used. £10 posted and PP'ed NOW £5 To your door

Apologies for the carp pictures!
Thanks for looking..........
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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Mar 24, 2011
do you have a picture of the axe head/blade mate? one to show the overal condition etc. :)