Fungi ID please.

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looks like golden scale-head {pholiota aurivellus} to me mate was good to meet you at last :beerchug:
looks like shaggy scalycap (pholiota squarrosa) not edible have some growing localy:D
Like what these people said.

Honey fungus has very pale gills, and white spores, the gills are decurrent (run down the stem slightly). Pholiotas on the other hand have brown gills and brown spores. The gill attached themsleves to the stem at a right angle (adnate) or turn upwards to meet the stem (adnexed).

I have tasted a pholiota in mistake for a honey fungus, it tasted like earwax. So I learned just because the lower ones are cover in white dust it doesn't mean you should do a spore print.