FS: Large car pod

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One VW roof pod (also fits on Thule roof bars)

460 litre capacity (big!)
Length 8 ft (long enough for skis, longbows, camping gear, rolled up rugs, bodies ;) etc)
Width 2 ft
Height 1 ft.

Full weather sealing (stays dry even in torrential rain), 6-point locking - front, rear and 2 each side).
Lid will open from either side (clever 8) )

Pic: (please ignore fat bloke :rolleyes: )


Used 3 times (before I got the Surf) - I need the space in my garage!

Asking £180 (Original price £380.)


On a new journey
Jan 30, 2010
sorry to hijack your thread captainbeaky but i have a set of thule roofbars for a chrysler voyager if anyone interested pm me again sorry regards dave

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