Forget Carving Spoon

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Jul 16, 2004
Gåskrikki North Lincs
I remember my Gran doing her Monday laundry , part of which was a pot-bellied and corrugated, galvanised barrel . As I recall, those many years past, clothes and ( hopefully)hot water were put in the barrel along with soap flakes and a chunk of Sunlight soap and the whole lot was agitated with a device called the Dolly looked like a small legged stool with a 3 foot handle and a crossbar on the handle top. I may be in error with this, cos there was another long-handled device, a "Posher" , a hemisphere of spun and plated copper, with many holes that would admit the soapy water, making a weighty headed cudgel for pounding the the ruination of many shirt and trouser buttons.
All the dhobying was eventually hung out on a long line and clipped in place with wooden pegs of split wood, bound with a length of stripped tin-can.
On the other hand, according to my North Country Missis, a Dolly Peg was just a 3 foot lump of wood, without any embellishment at all, but twas used in a similar barrel, for the same purpose.

Well, that was a trip down memory lane!



Aug 23, 2012
Aye Up,

Done a bit of research after noting replies -

Seagull/Hammockman - I think that this is the tub and the 'posher' or dolly that you mention.

View attachment 45299

It appears that the term 'Dolly' was applied to any of the items - tub/posher/pegs etc

More info around this site

Just thinking ahead for the wife's Christmas presents. :)

These are what we call Dolly's around here. But we also call the wooden peg's Dolly peg's too.


New Member
Aug 6, 2017
I just carved a useful spatula on a wild camping trip in Scotland. Can't post pictures on here yet but I now use the spatula at home :)


Mar 8, 2017
Preston, England
A dolly peg is a wooden clothes peg with a split up the middle running around 3/4 the way up.

The other device is called a "Posser" and was used for "Possing" an action similar to Plunging but with a rotating movement as you agetate up and down.

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