Folding portable BBQ - Asda £10

Dec 18, 2008
Spotted this, and bought, tonight in Asda. £10

Gross weight is 2.3 kilos (it says on the box), product feels like 1.5 kilos but I have no scales at home.
Closed dimensions are, in millimetres, (L)310 x (W)310 x (H)76
In old money that's 12 x 12 x 3 inches.
Cooking area is 28 x 28cm (11 x 11 inches)
Open, legs up, height is 210 mm (just over 8 inches)

Utensils not included.
It feels sturdy enough to cope with it's intended use, a BBQ, but I am getting a second one tomorrow to see if it can handle firebox duties.
I'll post my findings then.


Feb 20, 2005
How'd it work out as a firebox? Thought about it myself, but then thought the sheet metal of the legs look a little too thin in gauge to be durable in the longer term (love that they fold away n that; but therein lies the issue. They seemed to me to be a little fragile for clumsy me to be faddling with every time I set it up/take it down)?
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